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What is a DUI Charge?

DUI stands for ‘Driving under Influence’. It means that if you’re arrested for a DUI, your Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) levels at the time the police pulled you over exceeded the legal limit. In Queensland, the legal BAC limit when operating an automobile is 0.05 for drivers with an open license. If you hold a learner or provisional license, you risk getting a DUI charge if your BAC exceeds 0.00. Apart from exceeding the legal breathalyser reading, they can also get a DUI charge if they resist offering a breath sample.

What Happens When You’re Caught Drink Driving in Queensland?

When you’re caught drink driving, you will be summoned to the closest Magistrates Court to where you committed the offence, where you’re likely to face a license suspension or disqualification. A magistrate will decide the length of your suspension or disqualification also, whether you will pay a fine or spend time in prison.The severity of your penalty will depend on your breath alcohol concentration at the time of the offence and previous traffic history. While you face trial, our experienced drink driving attorneys will help you apply for an s79E license. It’s a temporary permit granting you legal permission to keep driving until your DUI charge trial ends.

DUI Penalties in Queensland In Queensland, you may face different types of penalties when you’re arrested for drink-driving. These include:

Immediate License Suspension

If you get pulled over for drink driving, the police have the authority to issue a 24-hour license suspension. Whether you committed a low range offence or a high range drink driving, this penalty is automatic as your case goes to court.

First Time Drink Driving Penalties

For first-time offenders, you’ll get a maximum license suspension for not more than a year. Besides, you’ll also need to pay a fine not exceeding $3187.80. You may also face prison time, depending on your severity of drunkenness when driving.

Penalties for Repeat Drink Drivers

Repeat offenders suffer heftier penalties. If you’ve had a previous drink driving offence in the last five years, you face penalties in this category. Apart from a two-year license suspension, you may pay fines of up to $6600.

Range Blood Alcohol Reading (BAC) Disqualification Period
Low 0.05 and 0.1 1-9 months
Mid 0.1 and 0.15 3-12 months
High Over 0.15 6 months or longer

If you require your licence for work you may be able to apply for a drink driving work licence

Possible  Defences for a Drink Driving Charge in Brisbane

Our experienced drink-driving attorneys in Brisbane will do everything possible to ensure you avoid high penalties and license suspensions. Possible defences for a drink driving charge include:

  • You were not driving the vehicle
  • You did not put the vehicle in motion
  • You were not in charge of the vehicle
  • The breath, blood, or saliva specimen taken by the police to prove your drink driving offense was taken more than three hours after you had driven the vehicle or put it in motion

How Can Our Drink Driving Lawyers in Queensland Help You

Driving is essential for facilitating your daily movement, but a glass one too much of alcohol can deprive you of this freedom. This is where Koolik and Associates Lawyers come in. Our experienced drink driving attorneys can help you get your license suspension dismissed so you can get your driving privileges back. We can also leverage our legal expertise to lower your fines or prison sentence. If you were charged in a court far from home, we can help you transfer closer to home.

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