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We support our clients with our expert family lawyers, utilising decades of knowledge and experience. Family Law covers many aspects of family relationships for married and de facto couples including divorce, separation, parenting arrangements for the care of younger children, child custody, property division and financial support of children and/or your former partner.

The complex and emotional decision to separate or divorce can sometimes take months or even years to reach. Often it is not something you would have ever thought would happen, but you have now made the decision that you and your partner need to separate. So the questions you’re likely facing are:

  • What happens now?
  • Who has to move?
  • Who will the children live with?
  • Who will pay for the children’s school fees and living expenses?
  • Who will get our house in a divorce?
  • Which parent will get or have to pay child-support payments?
  • How do we decide you gets custody of the children?
  • Do you have to go to Court to divide your assets?
  • If your partner was the main income earner, how will you survive financially?

None of these questions are easy to find answers to, but our family law solicitors can help you address these and other important questions.

In these circumstances, you have certain rights and obligations. Importantly, you are also under time limits for decisions and actions that are very important for you to be aware of. We can provide the support and quality advice you need to help you navigate your way through the confusing questions racing through your head.

Consult a Family Law Solicitor

If you have come to an amicable mutual agreement with your ex-partner to separate, you might wonder why you would need a family lawyer involved. Surely you have everything worked out between you and reflecting the children’s best interests, right? 

However, even if your separation is amicable, you still need a divorce lawyer to ensure agreements reached between you and your ex-partner are documented in a legally-binding way that also finalises all financial matters.

If your situation has become emotional or toxic, you need to resolve it as soon as possible for the well being of everyone involved. Having divorce lawyers working with you can help you communicate with your ex-partner to resolve issues and neutralise conflict. Divorce in Australia is a complicated process even when you and your ex-partner have agreed to an amicable divorce. We can help with all the advantages of settling divorce out of court.

There are several ways your family law matter can be resolved with your ex-partner:

Talk to one of our partners about how your immediate and long-term future can hinge on the decisions and determinations made during this time. Our expert advice is that you need to resolve each issue with careful consideration, for all parties involved. Rushed decisions made without proper legal guidance may not achieve the outcome you want or be in the best interests of you or your children. Our divorce specialists will ensure all your decisions are carefully considered. 

Family Lawyer – North Lakes 

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