Property Settlement

Property Settlement

Trying to finalise your property settlement  can be very emotive, particularly when balancing so many of the immediate challenges following separation. It’s perfectly understandable for you to feel uncertain and confused. 

Let us look at some possible scenarios that you may be facing and how our family lawyers can help you address these. Assets that have taken a lifetime to acquire might now need to be sold. One of you may be able to stay in the house you share, or the property may need to be sold. Talking to a family lawyer to find property settlement solutions is paramount to retaining or fairly selling your property. How will you survive moving forward? 

The share of your assets you receive from a property settlement can determine your immediate and long-term future. What needs to be resolved is how much you will get, and whether this is fair and reasonable. Will a settlement be made up of property, savings, investments, superannuation or a combination? 

Right now, you may not trust your ex-partner or even be on speaking terms. Perhaps they have been given the wrong advice or are thinking emotionally, not rationally. It is important to know the relevant principles that apply to your individual circumstances before entering into any negotiations to arrive at a resolution. 

Fair Division of Property 

What’s “fair” in a property division is not an exact science, and your entitlements will always fall within a range. Anyone who tells you an exact number or percentage that you will receive may not have your best interest at heart. They are probably just basing their answer on different circumstances, preconceived notions or watching too much TV. Each set of circumstances is unique, and in each case, the law is applied to your particular circumstances and a payment range is determined.

At Koolik, you get a divorce lawyer who will work for you, especially if the other side is being unreasonable or highly emotive.

We are committed to helping our clients obtain the best possible property settlement by leveraging our in-depth experience. We have the expert knowledge and experience to advance your settlement to resolution and consider all available options (including some that may seem out of the box).

You probably have countless questions concerning your property settlement, and that’s understandable. Contact our property settlement lawyers to find out answers to your most urgent questions.

Legal Advice for Property Settlement

Would you benefit from talking to Nik Koolik for 10 minutes and getting answers to your most immediate questions? Nik will review your situation and give you the practical advice you need right now, guiding you at this difficult time on how to obtain a solution in a calm and rational way.

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