Making a Will

Making A Will

There are many “reasons” people use for not making a Will:

  • I don’t need a Will as I don’t have any assets
  • I will make a Will when I get older
  • I am too busy
  • I will do it tomorrow

By making a Will you are planning the future to protect and transfer assets to your loved ones, nominate Guardians to care for your children, distribute gifts to charities and/or make your wishes known.

Make A Will Sooner Rather Than Later

Life is often unpredictable. Accidents can and sadly do alter lives in seconds. If something were to happen to you, wouldn’t you want to limit further distress to your loved ones by having a Will.

Very few people would prefer that the government make decisions regarding their assets once they pass away. But, without a legally binding Will, your assets may go to people that you had no intention to support.

Now is the right time to sit down and talk sensibly about protecting your family and your hard earned assets.

Let’s discuss your options in plain English and help you to make a Will. Your current circumstances and future wishes will be taken into account. Once we have drafted your Will to your needs, you read over it and confirm its content before you execute it, making it legally binding. Thereby protecting your assets to be given to the ones you love.

Succession management, the passing of family property or business interests from you to your children and beyond requires skillful planning. Clearly documenting your wishes and legally protecting your life’s work can minimise family conflict and costly Court intervention to determine an unclear Will.

Knowing your options and working through the best outcomes cannot be underestimated. Decisions you make now will benefit your family for future generations. Leaving it to chance and expecting others to react in a certain way, may destroy your assets and break apart families.

Mistakes On Wills

You may have considered using a “Will Kit”. There are many legal requirements to making a Will and ensuring its validity.

In a vast majority of cases, when people attempt to make their own Will, legal requirements are not followed or satisfied and the Will is deemed invalid or deficient. This is especially true in blended families or people who remarry.

Mistakes can be very costly and can add to the expense of Estate Administration. Let’s work together to avoid such errors and protect your interests.

Power of Attorney

You will also have the opportunity to think about making a Power of Attorney and/or an Advance Health Directive. These additional documents may be suitable to your circumstances and provide further peace of mind.

Keep Your Will Up To Date

It’s important to note that you can change your Will. If your situation changes, you should review your current Will and if necessary restructure it. If you have an existing Will that was made a number of years ago, chances are that certain issues may warrant an update to your Will. Such changes or additions must however be done correctly to ensure the document remains valid.

Losing a loved one is tragic for those left behind. Minimising the suffering and stress at such a vulnerable time will help your family. Making a Will is a necessity.

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