Collaborative Law

Collaborative Law

Are you and your partner ending your relationship, but are committed to a reaching a respectful and amicable resolution on parenting or property disputes?

Let us draw on our experience to advise on how to best achieve this.

Collaborative practice is a cooperative approach taken by divorce lawyers and clients to work together on making decisions and resolving any problems through a “round-table approach”. This respectful and fair mediation process uses collaborative strategies to protect children, fairly divide property and assets, and achieve an outcome that all parties agree with. 

As family law experts, our view is that this outcome is often in the best interest of everyone involved, especially your children. As all parties sign a Contract, agreeing not to go to Court, this allows you to reach a settlement result without going through the timely, costly and emotionally-draining Court process.

Working together to discuss, understand and meet your individual needs is more financially and emotionally sensible than being stubbornly set on a position regarding the division of your assets. A collaborative, united plan will also help your children adapt to their new circumstances. 

Couples that may not benefit from a Collaborate approach

Is collaboration right for you? Not all separating couples will benefit from the collaborative family law approach.  Its collaborative process may not be suitable in circumstances when one party:

  • Has unrealistic objectives or wants to “punish” the other
  • Is very emotional about the situation
  • Is dishonest, or has an extreme lack of trust in the other party
  • Does not wish to disclose information
  • Has had a history of domestic violence, drug or alcohol abuse, mental illness or where the relationship has a power imbalance

Benefits of Collaborative law

Collaborative law is, however, ideal for separating couples who want to:

  • Remove the threat of litigation now or in future
  • Achieve results that meet the interests of both parties and minor children
  • Encourage a relationship of trust for their future parenting
  • Use the knowledge and skills of independent experts, including child specialists and financial advisers outside of the Court system
  • Reduce the time that lawyers spend in liaison with each other

Our experienced solicitors answer questions and help clients with collaborative law matters in areas across Brisbane and North Brisbane suburbs including Aspley, Chermside, North Lakes, Toowong and more.      

Nikolai Koolik is a trained Collaborative Family Lawyer and a member of Queensland Collaborative Law.  

To discuss whether the Collaborative process is helpful in your unique situation and protects the interests of you and your children, please contact us.  

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