Our Fees

Our Fees

At Koolik & Associates, our focus is to provide our clients with valuable and efficient service. This is why we offer fixed fees for the majority of the services we provide in all areas of law including:

Fixed fees give our clients certainty and control over their own outcomes, in what can otherwise feel like a stressful and uncertain situation.

What are fixed fees?

Fixed fees are exactly that- fees for specific legal services that will not change or unexpectedly “blow out” of control.  You will be told of the total fee for the specific service or step of a process and know the cost of that service up front.  Rather than being charged for 6 minute “units” every time you make a call or send an email, you will instead be charged for our results.

Feel free to talk to one of our solicitors or staff to find out more about our fixed fees and get a quote for your specific legal needs.

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