Selling a Home

Selling a Home

For a myriad of reasons including a growing family, ready to upsize, moving across town or interstate, retirement or new job opportunities, you have made the decision to sell your home. Your Real Estate Agent has found a Buyer and has now asked, “Do you have a lawyer to help you with selling property?”

It is time to move forward into the new phase in your life but you are wondering:

  • What happens now?
  • What do these special conditions that the Buyers want on the Contract mean? Do we have to agree to them? Should we have our own Special Conditions on the Contract?
  • Who do I need to tell that I have sold my house?
  • Is it OK to sign the Contract?
  • The Buyer has a cooling-off period, do I?

You need to tell the Real Estate Agent if you have any special conditions relating to the sale of the property prior to signing the Contract. It is far more difficult, and sometimes not possible, to have special conditions added to the Contract after the Contract has been signed. Discuss your needs or concerns with us first. Give us time to consider your options and provide you with advice that will form the basis of the Contract.

Do you need a conveyancer when selling a property?

In Queensland, the Buyer has a 5 day cooling off period – you, as the Seller, do not. They have the right to seek independent legal advice and an independent valuation of the property. During the cooling off period, the Buyer may decide not to proceed with the Contract.

Our conveyancing team will guide you through the process of selling property, advising you of your rights under the Contract. We will deal with the Buyer (or the Buyer’s lawyer) to fix any problems that may arise and also deal with other parties in the transaction such as your Real Estate Agent, your bank or mortgage broker.

Your time is valuable. Moving is stressful and you don’t want unnecessary delays in the sale of your house. Work with a team that will protect your rights and ensure that any issues that arise are dealt with before settlement. Contact us today.


Sale of residential property

  Total (inc GST)
Professional Fees $895.00
Searches and Outlays * $150.00
Total $1,045
* Searches and Outlays include a Title Search at the commencement of the matter, our settlement agents fees. The cost of outlays such as our settlement agent’s fees and title searches are passed to the client at cost price. 

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