Four ways to be a Mindful Father

3rd September 2017

1.Put your phone down and play with your kids

When I say play, I mean really play. Non distracted play. Kick a ball with them. Spend 20 minutes just chasing them with long sticks pretending your Luke Skywalker. Look for bugs. Do something that your kids are interested in, whether that is sitting at a little tea party with mud cakes and water tea, or acting out the whole Frozen movie songs and all. (insert eye roll emoji) �

2.Read to them

Short stories, long stories funny stories… Anything. Well okay maybe not anything but you get my drift. Tell them stories about your childhood. Making the time to stop and read will show your kids they are important. No doubt they will climb up into your lap and take in all your goodness. When you’ve finished reading, don’t rush away either, this is usually when they start sharing things. About their days, about their dreams. Jokes and usually farts. That turns into lots of giggling and laughing and a child falling out of bed and crying. (True story)

3.Become a ‘DIY How-to Dad’

Everything can be turned into a life lesson. How to cook toast. How to shave. How to fix the car. How change a tire or light bulb. Explain why you stopped at the red light instead of racing through the amber one. These are important skills everyone needs to learn, for boys and girls. Show them what you do. Ask them if they want to help. Explain to them the whys.


A hug!? WHAT??!! Like the action of wrapping one's arms around another body to inflict a feeling of comfort, protection and love. Hugging and showing affection is so important in your kids lives. Don’t stop at the kids either! Crumbs, show affection to Mum too. By showing affection to your partner, you are showing your kids what a healthy relationship looks like. Boys will want to copy your actions and girls will look for them from their future partners. You can’t lose by buying mum flowers or chocolate either.

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