Property Caveat

Placing a Caveat on Property

Divorce and separation are difficult, and occasionally they can get messy. If you feel like things are moving too fast and your property may be at risk, you can place a caveat on the property you hold an interest in. 

You can file a caveat with the Registrar of Titles. This prevents the property from being sold while the caveat is in place (typically three months). During this time, you will need to work out legal proceedings with your co-owner.

If you are going through a divorce or separation and need to put a caveat on the sale of a property or other assets, Koolik & Associates can help you.

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Family Law Rules

You probably never expected to be getting involved in family law. This can make it feel even more frustrating when you try to get a caveat to protect your property. We can help explain the rules, so you understand your options going forward.

Do I have a Caveatable Interest? 

Having helped pay for property typically permits you to have a caveatable interest. You may also be able to make a claim for a caveat if you need to retain the property to take care of your family despite not having paid for it.

Lapsed Caveats

If you file for a caveat but do not undertake further legal options during the three month period it has been registered in –– the caveat may lapse. In this case, the other owner may do as they wish with the property, and you will not have a legal say in the matter.

Work with Koolik & Associates to make sure you reach a fair legal agreement before your caveat lapses.

Our Legal Process

We make it simple to get started with us as your representation. First, we provide a 10-minute no cost, no obligation conversation with an experienced family lawyer for quick advice regarding matters like property caveats.

If you like what you hear and think that we can help you, then you can schedule an untimed initial consultation to go over our detailed process and your circumstances.

Following that, we used fixed fees for payments so you can hire us as representation with clear expectations.

What Our Clients Say:

"Outstanding service. As a seller, Nyree and the team did all the leg work and literally chatted with me at the start to find out what I wanted and provide them with the necessary paperwork. Next I knew, the property was sold. As simple as that! Friendly, efficient and straightforward. Thank you." - Claire M. January 2021

"Always received good, prompt service and especially appreciate Nikolai Koolik's professional experience" - Jason B. 2020

Affording Legal Representation

By offering fixed fees, we make it possible for you to come into the legal process with a fair understanding of the costs you will incur. Only pay for the legal help you need.

Our untimed initial consultation is $275. Divorce representation ranges from $1245 to $2295, depending on court appearances required.

See our Family Law Fixed Fees page for more information.

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