Buying a House

Finding the house that is right for you can sometimes be a time consuming process. You have spent numerous hours searching the real estate internet websites, visiting real estate agents and viewing different properties. You have found it … your dream property … now what?

Buying a house in Queensland, whether it be a house, unit or townhouse is a complex matter which is affected by Contract conditions, legislation and extensive case law. Many things in a conveyance may not go as expected.

When buying a unit or townhouse, you need to also understand and be aware of the differences and additional complications arising from the involvement of a Body Corporate, such as:

  • What does the Body Corporate do?
  • What is the Body Corporate responsible for?
  • What am I responsible for?

During the conveyancing process, you will experience the competing emotions of excitement, stress, mystery and worry. After all, this is one of your biggest purchases in your life.

There are so many questions you should think about before buying a house including:

  • Where is the house/property located?
  • Who will be purchasing the property?
  • If there are 2 or more Buyers, how will they own the property, as Joint Tenants or Tenants in Common? What does this mean?
  • Will you be selling your existing home to buy your new home? If so, how does this work?
  • What other costs apart from the purchase price are involved in buying a property?
  • Why do we need to do searches on the property? What searches should I do?
  • What is Transfer Duty and how much do I need to pay? Am I eligible for a concession?

Our conveyancing team will answer all of the above questions and more. We will walk you through the complex conveyancing process:

  • Searches will be conducted, reviewed and explained
  • Appropriate transfer documentation will be prepared and signed correctly
  • We will also communicate with all parties including Real Estate Agents, banks and mortgage brokers
  • Adjustments, rates and settlement figures will be calculated and the final settlement of the property carried out

It is our task to take the stress, worry and mystery out of buying a house – leaving you with the excitement.